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Why is it “wrong” to be an anti-semite? Is it “wrong” to be anti-Christian? No, it means you don’t believe in the Christian religion and find it harmful to society and don’t like the influence Christians have on society. The … Continue reading

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“Do you deny the Holocaust?”

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“Do you deny the Holocaust?” When do you recall such a question being asked in the past? It’s reminiscent of the pre-Reformation era when the high priests of Christianity would go around questioning people, “Do you deny the Bible’s teachings? … Continue reading

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More Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Confessions

Well, whaddya know? The Sheikh’s been caught robbing a bank that didn’t even exist before he was caught. KSM “Confessed” To Attacking Bank Founded After His Arrest Fallacy of testimony exposed as story blows up in Pentagon’s face Prison … Continue reading

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Holocaust denial movie – One Third of the Holocaust

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MOVIE: ONE THIRD OF THE HOLOCAUST Start watching the 30-episode series with Episode Six: Gassing Buildings and laugh outloud at the ludicrousness of the story of gassing the Jews have been feeding to you all these years. Click on the … Continue reading

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Korean cartoon book upsets the Jews

A cartoon book that accurately depicts the followers of the Jewish RELIGION is pulled from the shelves by the publisher … WELL, DOESN’T THAT PROVE WHAT THE CARTOON WAS SAYING ABOUT THE JEWS AND THEIR POWER? SKorea Publisher to Pull … Continue reading

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They want your soul

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Here’s a great video: “They Want Your Soul”. The video above is no longer active. Here is an alternative below. Part 2: A very catchy appropriately hypnotic background beat. Good clips with the motif of people thinking and behaving like … Continue reading

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