They want your soul

Here’s a great video: “They Want Your Soul”.

The video above is no longer active. Here is an alternative below.

Part 2:

A very catchy appropriately hypnotic background beat. Good clips with the motif of people thinking and behaving like sheep, and the Dems being the same as the Repubs. Surprisingly good commentary throughout – not just scaremongering but well-researched fact bytes.

I thought about this video when I thought about the recent ‘confession’ of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

He ‘confessed’ to a whole host of things; of course none of the confessions were valid since they were extracted under torture. It’s a very medieval state of affairs that currently exists in America – what next? Iron maidens and stretching racks? Obviously the powers that be feel themselves under threat and are resorting to lowdown tactics to counter it. Who believes them nowadays anyway? Soon they’ll be turning on their own people if they haven’t already done so.

I suppose desperate people will resort to desperate measures. That’s why they altered the US constitution, so they wouldn’t be indicted as war criminals by their own country’s laws for torturing people.

They have to try and save their hide. The truth is leaking out all over the place. Goodness knows how long they can keep it up. Some brave souls come out and tell the truth and then they are punisheded for it, made an example of, to keep everyone else quiet and obedient and thinking twice before they say anything upsetting to the current order.

Matt Lauer alluded to the possibility of Mohammed being tortured by waterboarding; apparently a CIA officer leaked to him that Mohammed had lasted the longest under torture, two and a half minutes.

Matt Lauer: Can Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s testimony be trusted?
David Edwards and Ron Brynaert
Published: Thursday March 15, 2007

On Thursday, NBC’s Today Show explored whether the confessions of alleged 9/11 “mastermind” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed can be trusted, since he claimed to have been tortured after being detained.”

Last September, CIA sources told ABC News that the harshest technique they were authorized to use on “high-value detainees, such as the 9/11 attacks architect Khalid Sheikh Mohamed…was called ‘water boarding,’ in which a prisoner’s face was covered with cellophane, and water is poured over it (pictured above) — meant to trigger an unbearable gag reflex.”

Brian Ross and Richard Esposito reported …. that “CIA officers told ABC News that 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed lasted the longest under water boarding, two and a half minutes, before beginning to talk.”


Lauer wondered “how credible” was “the laundry list of targets” named by Mohammed, if they were named after he had been water boarded: “Won’t you kind of spew out all kinds of locations just to make it stop?”



The following video clip of Lauer’s interview with Bush is from NBC’s Today Show.

In a way, this is good news of a kind. It means that the elite are feeling the heat. Their reaction tells us that we’re on the right track about 9-11, about everything …….. Still, they must think we’re idiots to pull stunts like this … what are we supposed to say in public if we don’t believe the government? Of course we’ll nod our heads up and down and say, “Of course, sir, anything you say, sir,” as none of us want the pointy bone of the witchdoctor to be directed at us – nobody wants to be the next sacrificial victim.

But the voices are murmuring in private behind closed doors … on the Internet. So spy on us on the Internet. And they don’t like what they hear. The Internet is a huge threat to them as it’s the virtually the only way people can hold truthful discussions with each other without being persecuted so long as they keep themselves anonymous.

And it’s taking over the mainstream media in how people are getting their news. It’s the new grapevine of the masses. It’s how we circulate gossip, and say the things we can’t say out loud in public.

They’re looking on at us as we chat quite uninhibitedly – even spying on a site like – this information I got this from the “They want your soul” video.

And Chertoff is doing his darndest behind the scenes to close that conduit off. He is trying to tag the Internet with the word ‘terror’ and says we need to be protected from it. Translation: he wants to start controlling the Internet. These people aren’t happy until they have full control of what we read, think and see. The only thing we need protection from is Zionist ghouls like him. And his fellow government officials who helped the terrorists (Mossad) do 9/11.

Chertoff warns of Web of terrorism

By Audrey Hudson
March 15, 2007
Radical Islamists are using the Internet to recruit homegrown terrorists in the U.S., Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told a Senate panel yesterday.

The committee is examining what Mr. Lieberman called “extremist propaganda” on the Internet and other “nodes” where radicalization may be occurring, including universities and mosques.

Rep. Bill Shuster, Pennsylvania Republican, last week introduced legislation to urge video-trading Web sites like to remove jihad propaganda videos, calling such sites “a new battleground on the Internet.”

Freedom of the Internet is the BEST defense the people have against an oppressive regime and tyranny. The government and the elite are using the specter of another attack like 9/11, the very attack that these very people sponsored on the American people, as an excuse to justify censorship. They are milking 9/11 for all it’s worth, until they’ve extracted the last drop from it.

Well, I guess that’s what false flags are for.

Another great video:

The Rothschild Gangsters Want Kim Jong Un’s Head On A Plate” Listen Closely!! 2016

Video by Bokkenrijders Production. Music “The Plan” by K-Rino.


rothschild picture video.jpg

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