Why is it “wrong” to be an anti-semite?

Is it “wrong” to be anti-Christian? No, it means you don’t believe in the Christian religion and find it harmful to society and don’t like the influence Christians have on society. The same thing if you happen to be anti-Islam, or anti-Scientology or anti-Masonic or anti-Raelian …. etc

And what is there to like about Judaism if you are not Jewish? Or the pseudo-cult that has built up around that religion? What is being a Jew all about? Is it a race? No, you can drop out of being a Jew simply by saying you don’t want to be considered a Jew anymore – you can’t do such a thing with your race.

Is it a religion? Sort of, but not absolutely. Many people identify themselves as Jewish (even if that is secretly) without practising Judaism or while being agnostic or atheist or belonging to another religion. So what is being Jewish about? It’s all about having some Jewish heritage, no matter how small it is.

Hence the best characterization of them is as an ethnic or social group that is has some genetic ties in common. A social group has to have some common goal otherwise nobody would bother to join it. What’s that common goal? The goal is to promote each other’s interests both individually and as a group – it is a networking group. And note this is no ordinary social club where just anyone can apply for membership – you have to be of the Jewish bloodline somewhere in your ancestry even of that Jewish component has been diluted by a great factor through mixing with other peoples. Nominally, membership is open to anyone with an interest in converting to Judaism but in practise this is not the case. Converts often feel excluded and don’t feel as if they quite belong. And like any other social group or religious organization, membership is by choice.

So now it appears that this social group has got some characteristics of a secret society like the Bones and Skull Club or the Masons or the Mafia. Membership is restricted and the club is rather exclusive in nature. It tends to separate itself from the rest of society somewhat and doesn’t advertise the nature of the social group as there is no need to proselytize to gain adherents unlike most other clubs.

Again why is it wrong to be against this group of people? Why is being against this group of people who call themselves incorrectly, “semites” (as semites refer to people who speak the semitic language and racially Jews are no longer a distinct semitic race), such a “wrong” thing to do in today’s society? You are called evil, a hatemonger, a hater for being an anti-semite. And you can even be persecuted with little justice being shown to you by society (notice the fate of the Holocaust Deniers): you may be beaten up and your attackers protected by society; litigated against and bled dry; imprisoned for exposing the Holocaust fraud. The whole nexus of government turns against you and your rights are reduced when you are an anti-semite. There are even Hate Laws that increase your punishment if you are convicted of committing a crime in the name of anti-semitism: you are not only punished for the basic crime you committed but punished for the crime of anti-semitism on top of that.

Understandably in this climate, people will hotly defend themselves against the accusation of being an anti-semite even if they have committed no crime and this is the case of the majority of these situations that arise where people are called anti-semites.

But how did this become such a ‘crime’ (literally and figuratively) in the first place?

It is because the Jews have made it into a political and social crime to be against their social group by using the made-up phenomenon of the Holocaust and by manipulating the media and by acting as a cohesive social group. This is where Jews excel as an organization. No ethnic group can compete with them for their superb propagandizing and unity in how they carry out the aims of their group. Not even the Mafia with their code of silence (omerta) and loyalty. So it goes back to the Holocaust. This is why this event is so important – important for the Jews to perpetuate as an established event, and even more important for the Gentiles to expose it for the fraud that it is. That is why the Jews have campaigned for Holocaust Denial Laws and are so vocal and passionate whenever the subject comes up particularly when people deny it (i.e. poke holes in the Holocaust story or show fallacies in the account).

The significance of the Holocaust is that it makes people who are against the Jewish social organization to be akin to those who would be mass murderers of others based on their race. And this is one of the worst social crimes in existence even if one has not killed anyone, especially in a multicultural society, because one cannot change one’s race although one can change one’s religion etc, and so everyone feels vulnerable to a certain degree as a potential victim when they think about genocide based on race. And so this social crime strikes at the chord of almost everyone’s center.

But is this what happened? Are the Jews a race? No, they are not a race: a group of people who consist of people from a number of different races cannot be a single race. They are more like a nation of peoples, a multi-racial nation, but one that has common ancestral (blood) ties and other strong ties unlike, for example, the people of America (a multiracial nation) for whom the only real ties are their ties of being citizens of the same nation. And once again, people have a choice about being Jewish (or not Jewish).

How do the Jews exploit the “Holocaust”? They take the segregation of their people and their internment in WWII and turn it into a massive public relations exercise by distorting the truth of what happened, making up lies that their people were exterminated in large numbers (six million is a figure oft quoted) by gassing etc. They also lie about their being a race ie. they deliberately insert a racial factor into the storytelling – the nonexistent factor of race.

So what happened? Evidence is coming out in a flood that the Holocaust the Jews claimed happened did not happen. There is practically no reliable evidence that the Germans had a program of mass extermination of the Jewish people by gassing and similar means. It appears that the great majority of the Jews that died did so from hunger and disease, as not many of them were in the armed forces of the Axis or the Allies and did not die in battle. Furthermore, the number of deaths is nowhere near the number put out by Holocaustrians.

Of course there WERE cases of Jews being killed simply because they were Jewish (the killing of Jews by Einsatzgruppen – Eastern European villagers given police powers under the Nazis) but these killings did not happen on the mass scale that the Jews have claimed happened. Six million did not die through these events. Furthermore, this was wartime, and the Nazis were just as much against the Jews as they were against the Communists. Many Communists were Jews and the villagers often turned against Jews as a people not only because they were anti-Jewish but because they were anti-communist. And some of the Einsatzgruppen may have been retaliating against the acts of atrocity committed against them by the communist NKVD, members of which were dominated by people of a Jewish background.

And things are never clear-cut in a moral sense or in a racial/ethnoreligious sense during a war. There were many killings of non-communist Gentiles in the Eastern European region by Communists who had Jewish heritage. (Though admittedly some of the killings were done in the name of communism and not Jewish supremacy. Things got blurred. Some Jews may have killed Gentiles in the name of Jewish supremacism but pretended it was because they were fighting anti-communists – “payback” for all that Jews had suffered unfairly or claimed they had suffered unfairly before Communism.) Apparently 20 million Russians and (former) Soviet Republic peoples (Lithuanians, Estonians etc) were killed under the Communist regime either by a bullet to the head or by a policy of starvation and general neglect (Ukrainian famine and gulag prisons). Hence if people are to bear a burden of guilt purely on an ethnic basis or even a religious basis (or former religious affiliation basis), then Jews would have to assume a bigger burden of guilt than Europeans based on their population:kill ratio.

Denying one is an anti-semite when one understands the harm the Jews as a group do to one’s society or nation because they act in a Mafialike way is playing into the hands of the Jews. That is the response the Jews are after. It tells them that the person is reacting mostly from an instinctual level and that the Jews efforts to brainwash gentiles into automatically accepting certain beliefs have been successful: “Anti-semitism (being anti-Jewish) is evil.”

Nobody wants to be thought of as a would be mass-murderer or a person who condones mass murder – however that is the implication that one has these kinds of sympathies when one is called an ‘anti-semite’; this is so because of the decades of Pavlovian conditioning that the mass of people have undergone, conditioning that has taught one to associate anti-semitism with murder on a mass scale.

The reality is that hundreds of thousands and maybe millions have been killed in the name of Jewish Supremacism, at the altar of the blind conformity to this precept that being anti-Jewish is wrong.

When are you called an anti-semite? When you attack a Jew in an argument e.g. when you oppose Jewish supremacism, when you speak out about their actions against the Palestinians – any time you say anything that is against this social group’s interests.

In other words, criticism of this group is verboten because the Jews have made it the same as being a racist. They have twisted the whole concept of racism around, and have exploited the phenomenon of racism.

In other words, Jews have gotten themselves a free pass when it comes to avoiding criticism of their actions either individually or as a group because they use the racial argument. (They also distort history by claiming to have been an underprivileged group at all times when it was the case they comprised the wealthy privileged and influential elite in most of the countries they inhabited.) Thus the Jews effectively silence debate about anything that harms their interests as a group.

Can we as a society afford that? It seems we can’t. Conferring this sort of exceptionalism or particularism to the Jews has all but completely destroyed America as a nation. It has turned a once-proud nation into a nation of frightened people where the truth is spoken only in whispers and people are denounced for telling it. Spies abound everywhere for it is not always obvious who is a Jew.

It has brought about two recent wars in the ME, both fought to further Jewish Supremacism and these wars will bankrupt the US.

How do we know that anti-semitism as “racism” is a false construct?

1) The Holocaust has been exposed to be a fraud.

2) The fact that most of the people who are ‘anti-semite’ (when all they are being is anti-Jewish) support the Palestinians (semites) in their fight for determination and support the other Arabs (semites) who fight the aggression of the Jewish and their peons, the Americans, in the Middle East. Obviously such people are not anti-semites: they do not have a broad dislike for the Arab race.

3) Jews are not a distinct race; Jews come from all racial categories.

Be proud to be an antisemite for is it a shameful thing to oppose Jewish Supremacism? To defend those people like the Palestinians against the organized ferocity of this group that pull together against a common foe or victim no matter which corner of the globe they happen to be?

silence (1).png

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