“Do you deny the Holocaust?”

“Do you deny the Holocaust?”

When do you recall such a question being asked in the past?

It’s reminiscent of the pre-Reformation era when the high priests of Christianity would go around questioning people, “Do you deny the Bible’s teachings? Do you deny the Sun revolves around the Earth? Do you deny the Earth is the Center of the Universe? Do you deny the existence of God?” And persecuted the people who denied the dogma of that day.

The_Wheel iron_maiden
The Wheel The Iron Maiden AKA the “Virgin Mary”
Pincers Pincers2
Flesh Ripping The Pincers

Pictures from The Inquisition

Holocaustrianism is the bigotry of the twentieth and twenty-first century.

Because something is politically incorrect doesn’t mean it is ‘wrong’. At one point in time, believing the earth was round was politically incorrect.
The truth doesn’t need protection. People don’t need to be jailed and persecuted to protect the truth. However lies need to be protected by jailing and persecuting people.

All the prominent people who have exposed the Holocaust fraud have been either jailed, fined, attacked physically, sued, bankrupted or their property damaged. Even their families have been threatened with violence – see Germar Rudolf (One Third of the Holocaust).

Do you think the people who do such things to Holocaust Deniers, were an innocent helpless group of people who meekly led themselves to be annihilated as the Holocaustrians claim they were?

The same people who kill Palestinian children coldbloodedly?

The same people who slaughtered the Lebanese in 2006?

They say they are justified in persecuting Holocaust deniers because that will prevent another Holocaust happening. This is a circular argument. How can they prevent something that did not happen in the first place? And if the Jews can prove the Holocaust DID happen, then why are they afraid of the Holocaust deniers speaking up?

Are they persecuting people because they are afraid of persecution themselves or because they find the Holocaust a good excuse to go around persecuting people who try to thwart them and their Jewish Supremacist ideology?

Holocaust Denial Movie

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 Episode 6: Gassing Building

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The Holocaust has been the Jews’ best invention to date in modern times. They have capitalized on this creation again and again. They have burned many enemies at the stake in the name of the Holocaust.

Anti-semitism as a political crime has its foundations in Holocaustrianism.

Anti-semitism has been equated in the culture with indiscriminate mass murder of civilians and innocents and so the last thing anyone wants to be in this current culture is to be an anti-semite.

Are there any such similar prohibitions about being anti-Muslim, or being anti-Scientology? No, because none of these people suffered a ‘Holocaust’.

And the Jews deliberately blur the line between Jews as a “race” and Jews as adherents to the cult of Judaism. Even though they are not a race, they want to give the impression that they are because one cannot change one’s race. One can change one’s affiliation to a religion or a philosophy but not one’s genetic material.

And so they try and befuddle the public into thinking that any criticism of the Jewish people is a ‘racial’ crime, a hate crime.

But do the Jews see hating Islam a hate crime, or a racial crime? No.

Jews are no more a race than Masonists are a race or the Catholics are a race. And the Jews are often found to be attacking Catholicism and individual Catholics with a passion.

Do you wonder that the Jews are scared of the truth coming out and will use all their power to shut up Holocaust deniers?

If the Holocaust religion is seen as a fraud by the majority of the people, Jewish power will be severely weakened, especially in America where the Holocaust religion holds most sway. (Americans are a religious people; historically they have always been so; something like the Holocaust religion would appeal greatly to this suggestible population of people and has done so far.)

It has come to the point where people do not speak about Holocaust Denial in the open because they are afraid of the Jews ganging up and persecuting them, something the Jews do very well, and not because people want to avoid another ‘Holocaust’ happening. People are becoming aware that this is just a made-up excuse.

The Holocaust religion has reached the stage that Christianity reached in the era just before the Reformation broke out. Knowledge is leaking out all over the place that shows the Holocaust to be a fraud. The people who have the most to lose if the Holocaust is exposed to be the lie it is are lashing out and are exercising oppression against those who have been brave enough to speak the truth. Some Jews do this in large ways and some in small ways. And the Jews are to be feared and not underestimated as an enemy as spies are to be feared. Nobody wants Jews boycotting them and denouncing them whether it be a national Jewish organization such as the ADL doing so or a small coterie of Jews within one’s local community denouncing one as a would-be mass murderer. One has to live among these people who have infiltrated one’s society so thoroughly and control it in many cases. No one is as cohesive a group as the Jews while at the same time so well-blended into the society they seek to dominate.

However while people allow fear to rule them and put blinkers over their eyes or keep their lips tightly pressed together even though they know the truth, the bloodshed and the persecution in the name of the Holocaust and Jewish Supremacism will go on … Iraq, Afghanistan …. how many more will be sacrificed to the god of this religion?

But things are changing – the Internet is a new medium the Jews have yet to conquer although they are trying to. And the truth is coming out on this front, showing the orthodoxy the Jews have been pushing on the people to be a bunch of hooey. The Jews responding to this increasingly by using pure brute political force to silence the heretics and not by pushing tall tales and sob stories and using other trickery to dupe the masses as this no longer works very effectively. And hence the further erosion of our freedoms.


Check out this website: Debunking the Holocaust


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