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“You’re an anti-Gentile!”

How often have you heard this? Probably never. Well, this is funny because we hear “YOU’RE AN ANTI-SEMITE!” all the time. Like when DON’T you hear it these days? It doesn’t matter what you argue, whether you can prove what … Continue reading


Fake Osama – Update

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These “Osama” videos are coming thick and fast. The Jews must be getting quite desperate. When the Jews need to influence Joe Sixpack and remind him of what terrible peril he is in if he doesn’t fight the Heathen Middle … Continue reading

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It’s the Raelians, dummy!

If Raelians owned 95% of the media, and held 90% of the key positions in government including the vice presidency, the head of the FBI, the head of the CIA, the head of Homeland Security, the head of the Reserve … Continue reading

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Persecution of Holocaust Heretics

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Please visit Debunking the Holocaust to understand the basis of Holocaust Denial (AKA Holocaust Revisionism). Debunking the Holocaust “LET’S BURN THE WITCHES!” “LET’S CRUSH THEIR BODIES UNDER A HUGE BOULDER!” “LET’S FLAY THEM ALIVE!” In 16th century Europe, it was … Continue reading


Tales of the Holohoax

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Cartoon You can download “Tales of the Holohoax” by Wyatt Mann here: LINK: _____________________ Check out this website: Debunking the Holocaust


The Biological Link

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The Biological Analogy Richard Dawkins provides several examples of how cunning parasites can be, and how easy it is to be fooled. The sophistication of some ant species makes the cuckoo look like a novice. He describes a parasitic ant … Continue reading

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Anti-semitism is “religionism” not “racism”

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Is anti-semitism wrong? No, it’s not – speaking the truth is never wrong. It’s the same as being anti-Muslim, anti-Scientology, anti-Mormon or anti-[stick in your religion/cult of choice here]. I am a proud anti-semite. Judaism is a shit religion as … Continue reading

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