Fake Osama – Update

These “Osama” videos are coming thick and fast. The Jews must be getting quite desperate.

When the Jews need to influence Joe Sixpack and remind him of what terrible peril he is in if he doesn’t fight the Heathen Middle Easterners, they wheel out Mr Ol’ Scaryman, Bin Laden …. wheel him out like Christopher Reeve.


Real Osama shapeshifting into Mossama

Do you also notice how in the videos of real Bin Laden (pre-2001), Bin Laden is nice and clear – but in the fake ones (post Dec 2001), he’s ALWAYS grainy?


Fake Osamas

Fake Osama 2001

Not only must he have put Grecian Formula in his hair, he must have had his nose bobbed. Look at these pictures of “Osama” from a 2001 video (on the left) and the real Osama on the right:


Pictures of the fake Osama (on the left) are always blurred.


Which is the fake Osama: A, B, C, D or E?

Fake Osama 2004

GIF of fake Osama morphing into real Osama:



Mr Magoo:

magoo-crop binwho2.jpg fezmagoo_thumb Magoo

Both 2004 “Osama” and Mr Magoo have potato noses.

Mr Magoo (“Osama” 2004) has transformed into Brutus (“Osama” 2007):

Popeye-and-brutus.jpg bluto








08258.jpg phonybinladen.jpg


brutus.jpg 190047493226_7.jpg

The real Osama Bin Laden:


More information from:
What Really Happened – Osama Bin Laden Index



Fake Osama Video Fools American Public

Do you notice how the Bin Laden videos come out in a 3-year cycle?

I wonder what cartoon character the 2010 Bin Laden will look like?

Poorly made fake videotapes of Atta and Jarrah


Surprise Surprise, It’s Another Al Qaeda Blockbuster Release


Father says that’s not Atta


Real Atta

Mossad agents trying to fake they’re Islamic fundamentalists and getting it hopelessly wrong and looking like two gay New York Ashkenazim urbanites instead, with their blow-dried carefully waved hair and pale non-swarthy skin.


The different faces of Jarrah:


Ziad Jarrah: the middle (torn photo) and the last one are fake.


Real Ziad Jarrah at flight school


Real Ziad Jarrah

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