It’s the Raelians, dummy!

If Raelians owned 95% of the media, and held 90% of the key positions in government including the vice presidency, the head of the FBI, the head of the CIA, the head of Homeland Security, the head of the Reserve Bank, the Attorney General’s position, a Supreme Court judge’s seat, major generalship positions wouldn’t you notice the presence of Raelians and remark on it … wouldn’t you think the Raelians were in control of the country?

What if you noticed as well that the US was sending $20 billion a year to Raelia, one-third of the total money given to other countries and this doesn’t include all the fighter jets and missiles the USA hands over to Raelia? Wouldn’t you think that was funny? Wouldn’t you think that Raelians had some control over the politicians of the US?

(Wouldn’t you also think it funny that 2.3 trillion dollars went missing from the defense department when a Raelian was in charge of it?)

What if you noticed that the USA was in wars with two countries that were neighbors of Raelia? Two countries that had been in conflict with Raelia? And whose domination by an ally of Raelia had strategic importance for Raelia?

What if you noticed that after some time, it evolved that the enemies of Raelia become the enemies of the USA even though Raelia and the US are located on different continents?

What if you noticed that after every terrorist act committed against the US, Raelia ended up benefitting from the retaliatory actions taken by the US? Cui bono – and Raelia is always the answer? Odd, no?

What if you noticed hundreds of Raelians spies being caught in the aftermath of the biggest terrorist operation to occur on US soil and that only two citizens of Raelia were killed during this operation even though its citizens are usually found in large numbers at one of the locations where the terrorist acts had occurred?

What if Raelia had been caught multiple times in committing terrorist acts against the US and other western countries, acts that involved Raelians dressing up to appear as someone else?

What if it was this same country, Raelia, the one that had done false flag attacks on America, giving America intelligence on who was supposed to have done the biggest terrorist act on it?

Would you not notice these coincidences? Or would you say noticing these things is being “anti-Raelian”? Would that matter if it was? Doesn’t criticizing a group make doing so automatically anti-[name of group]?

Isn’t determining the truth or not of the criticism the most important thing? Rather than caring if a group feels threatened? Shouldn’t a group feel threatened if they do the wrong thing against the majority?

Is being anti-[a group] sometimes a good thing?

Wouldn’t you be stupid if you didn’t notice these things about Raelians?

Are the Raelians anti-[a group]? Are the Raelians against non-Raelians?

Why do non-Raelians care about not being anti-Raelian but could care less about people being anti-them?

Should we care about what people who believe humans were made by extraterrestials that travel in flying saucers and have green skin think?

Should we jail people for mocking Raelian beliefs, for being anti-Raelian? For calling those people idiots? For opposing everything Raelians do? For trying to stop the Raelian agenda?

Should we make laws to benefit Raelians, where if you call Raelians liars, or attack Raelian beliefs, you automatically go to jail?

Should we even have to prove we’re right to avoid going to jail?

A little something about the Raelians.

The title of this post was inspired by this Curt Maynard article.

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