Persecution of Holocaust Heretics

Please visit Debunking the Holocaust to understand the basis of Holocaust Denial (AKA Holocaust Revisionism).

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Debunking the Holocaust


In 16th century Europe, it was Christianity one could not question. Now it is the Holocaust one must not question. In Puritan America, it was witches and heretics who were tortured and murdered, now it is the Holocaust Deniers who are assaulted and imprisoned and tortured.

Back then the Sun revolved around the Earth, and to own a cat as a pet was to have a ‘familiar’. Nowadays the dogma is that 6 million Jews were roasted in ovens or were gassed. In both cases, scientific enquiry was frowned upon and proving your case was true was no defense.


Tortures of Heretics

“.. anyone who attempted to construe a personal view of god which conflicted with the church dogma must be burned without pity.”
Victims were tortured in one room …..
… then, if they confessed, they were led away from the chamber into another room to confess to the inquisitors. This way it could be claimed the confessions were given without the use of force. The Inquisitional law replaced common law. Instead of innocent until proven guilty, it was guilty until proven innocent. RECENT TRIALS: Rudolf Germar, David Irving, Ernst Zundel
The brodequin was used to crush the legs by tightening the device by hand, or using a mallet for knocking in the wedges to smash the bones until the bone marrow spurted out. People who passed out were further condemned as the losing of consciousness to be a trick from the Devil in order to escape pain.
1228576732_3-sml.jpg Heretic’s Fork
This device was often used to silence the victim on the way to the burning stake, so they could not reveal what had occurred in the torture chamber or defend themselves in any way.
Breast RippersXtian clergy delighted in the tearing and ripping of the flesh. The Catholic church learned a human being could live until the skin was peeled down to the waist when skinned alive. Often, the rippers were heated to red hot and used on women’s breasts and in the genitalia of both sexes.
Skull Crusher
This one speaks for itself. Xtian clergy preferred this device because it did not leave visible marks, unless the skull was completely crushed, which happened.


Revisionist Historian Suffers Savage Beating

One of Europe’s most prominent Holocaust revisionists, Dr. Robert Faurisson, was severely injured in a nearly fatal attack on September 16, 1989. After spraying a stinging gas into his face, temporarily blinding him, three assailants punched Dr. Faurisson to the ground and then repeatedly kicked him in the face and chest. “He was conscious, but he couldn’t speak,” said a fire fighter who gave Faurisson first aid. “His jaw was smashed. They destroyed his face.”

    Dr. Robert Faurisson

The 60-year-old scholar, who had been out walking his poodle in a park in his home town of Vichy, suffered a broken jaw and severe head injuries. Physicians operated for four and a half hours to repair his jaw and treat a broken rib and badly swollen face.A group calling itself, “The Sons of the Memory of the Jews” claimed responsibility for the savage attack. In a statement, the group threatened: “Professor Faurisson is the first, but will not be the last. Let those who deny the Shoah [Holocaust] beware.” While French police officially would acknowledge only that “three young Jewish activists from Paris” had carried out the assault, the attackers are strongly suspected to have been with the Tagar/Betar organization.Prominent individuals and organizations in France, along with the country’s most influential daily newspaper, Le Monde, condemned the attack. However, veteran Nazi-hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld sought to justify the crime. “Someone who has provoked the Jewish community for years should expect this sort of thing,” Serge Klarsfeld said.Professor Faurisson is best known for his works, The ‘Problem of the Gas Chambers’ and Is the Diary of Anne Frank Genuine?Adapted from: Mark Weber, The Zionist Terror Network (1993) Institute for Historical Review, PO Box 2739, Newport Beach, CA 92659, also as reported in The Globe and Mail, Sept. 18, 1989, Le Monde, Sept.19, 1989, Sunday Telegraph, Sept. 24, 1989.The THOUGHTCRIME ARCHIVES is a series designed as a cooperative effort to aid and assist the entire community by reporting acts of censorship, violence, and other outrages perpetrated against individuals with unpopular or revisionist views. “Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime IS death.” George Orwell

ThoughtCrime: Revisionist Historian Suffers Savage Beating


LINK – Zundelsite

Fred Leuchter

Arrested and jailed in Germany. Financially ruined.

Background and contribution:

An American execution expert, Leuchter designed and maintained gas chambers for several US penal institutions. He was sent by Ernst Zündel to investigate Auschwitz, Majdanek, Dachau, Hartheim and other alleged “Nazi Death Camps” and “gassing facilities.” Author of the devastating series of Leuchter Reports. (I, II, III, IV) and many articles and videotaped presentations that resulted from these investigations, Leuchter was blacklisted in the US and hounded by the Holocaust Promotion Lobby and the world’s lapdog media. He was arrested and jailed in Germany for giving an anti-Holocaust lecture for Günther Deckert, a well-known political party leader. Allowed out on bail, Leuchter returned to the US. and chose not to go back to Germany to stand trial. Nonetheless, he lost his livelihood as a result. Sensational Zündel witness in the Great Holocaust Trial in 1988. Leuchter, although present in the courtroom in Munich, was not allowed to testify about his research findings in Auschwitz for Ernst Zündel in the German (Munich) Trial in 1991.

David Irving

Convicted, jailed, fined, deported and barred from numerous countries – and hounded world-wide by Holocaust Enforcers.

Background and contribution:

A prolific British author of approximately 36 books and recognized authority on Hitler and World War II, Irving pretty much believed and accepted the standard Holocaust version – until he read the Leuchter Report. He agreed to testify as the last witness for the defense in the 1988 Zündel Trial. His appearance was a sensation! In the following years, he went on widely publicized and acclaimed Canada- and America-wide lecture tours. He traveled as a speaker through several European countries, with headlines and controversy dogging his every step. He drew packed houses and infuriated the Holocaust Lobby, which reacted with vicious smear campaigns and managed to have Irving arrested and convicted in Munich, Germany, for “defaming the dead.” This conviction caused Irving to be ultimately banned from Canada, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and South Africa. He was deported in handcuffs from Niagara Falls, Ontario, after a farcical Immigration hearing, during which he was held and treated in jail like some common criminal – for weeks! He has been hounded by the Holocaust Enforcers ever since. A combative man, Irving has lately gone on counter-attacks and is suing the British Board of Jewish Deputies and American Jewish Holocaust Promoter, Deborah Lipstadt and her publishers. Zündel witness in the 1988 Great Holocaust Trial

Germar Rudolf

Accused, tried and convicted in Germany. Career and doctorate dissertation ruined. Driven into exile.

Background and contribution:

This brilliant, German-trained chemist re-examined Auschwitz, Birkenau and other installations and buildings, testing rocks, soil and other physical samples for traces of Zyklon B. Following the pioneering work of Fred Leuchter, he put the final nail into the coffin of the Auschwitz story. Even though he did scientific work and was utterly apolitical, Rudolf’s home and office were raided, computers seized etc. He was charged and tried in Germany for not believing in the standard Auschwitz story. As a scientist, he found the “gassing” claims to be scientifically untenable and, therefore, absurd. A modern day Galileo, Rudolf was found guilty and convicted because he refused to renounce scientific facts and his own scientific tests and findings. He was facing jail when he went into exile with his young wife and two babies. He now edits and publishes devastating refutations of the Allied Propaganda claims in a German-language journal. The Holocaust Enforcers are dogging his steps, and he faces endless hassles and trials, should the “German” vassal authorities ever get a hold of him. Zündel expert witness in chemistry in the Munich trial in 1991 – disallowed by the judge at the request of the prosecution.

Ernst Zündel

Three documented assassination attempts by fire and pipe bombs. Endless legal harassment leading to repeated jailings and bankrupting of his graphic arts business.

Background and contribution:

Nicknamed the “Revisionist Dynamo” or the “Revisionist Renaissance Man” for his untiring Revisionist Truth Campaign and his comprehensive grasp of complex political issues, Zündel – more than any other Revisionist on earth – caused the Holocaust Hoax to become a mainstream topic of discussion. Extensive chronological biography on the Zundelsite.


Horst Mahler, Prisoner of Conscience

Brief biography

hmahler-sml Horst Mahler has spent more than 12 years in prison in Germany for Holocaust Denial, more than anyone else. A lawyer by profession, he started to be interested in this topic when he was asked to defend someone who was on trial for Holocaust Denial.

Mahler is also notable for being one of the founders of the Red Army Faction, a Marxist organization.

Since those times, Mahler’s politics have swung from the far-left and now he supports nationalism. He is a member of the National Democratic Party.

Mahler has Jewish ancestry which he only found out about later in life. His mother hid it from him in order to protect him.

Recently, he was in the news for being denied asylum in Hungary where he sought protection of his rights to free speech.

Currently suffering from many ailments, probably from the long-term incarceration, Mahler still sits in prison, at age 81 (as of 2017).

While in prison, Mahler has written several books. Below, one of his books is discussed.

His lawyer, Sylvia Stolz, who defended him, was also prosecuted for Holocaust Denial for remarks she made during the trial when she was defending Mahler.

More information can be found here at Wikipedia.

Horst Mahler: “We are fighting to win”


Transcript of the speech: Horst Mahler: We are fighting to win – transcript


The following article is from alethonews

German political prisoner Horst Mahler’s latest book slated for ‘harmful media’ list

German political prisoner Horst Mahler was sentenced to over a decade in jail for doubting the Holocaust

By ADELHEID RITTER | Non-Aligned Media | June 11, 2015

Today, Thursday, June 11, 2015, at 11.30 AM, the council of the Federal Department for Media Harmful for Young Persons in Germany will be deciding whether Horst Mahler’s book Das Ende der Wanderschaft – Gedanken über Gilad Atzmon und die Judenheit (2013) (The End of the Wanderings – Reflections on Gilad Atzmon and Jewry) will be put on the harmful media index. Mahler wrote his book in his prison cell after reading Gilad Atzmon’s book The Wandering Who?A Study of Jewish Identity Politics (2011), sent to him by a friend.

Friedrich Bode, a retired Protestant minister and founding member of the Green Party, as well as Gerard Menuhin, son of the world famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin, will be there to defend the book.

Horst Mahler is Germany’s number one political prisoner. As a professional lawyer he encountered revisionist material when he was asked to defend a client over charges of “Holocaust Denial”. Although previously Mahler had identified himself on the radical left and had been a founding member of the Red Army Faction (RAF), he was shocked by the treatment of revisionist research in German courts with regard to Holocaust laws. Having been indoctrinated with guilt over the Holocaust, he found it deeply liberating to discover that Jews had been expelled from countries all over the world throughout the centuries, and that the expulsion of Jews from Germany was by no means a singular event.

Mahler maintains that Germany today is in effect a nation that is ruled by a foreign will. That foreign will is the will of the Jewish people, which manifests itself in Germany’s Holocaust laws and the numerous Holocaust memorials which literally pave the country. These, he believes, serve to reinforce German guilt. In Mahler’s analysis, such elements, along with the “re-education” programme implemented by the Allies (mainly through the mass media, educational institutions, politicians willing to execute this foreign will, and Jewish institutions), prevent the healthy self-expression of the German people. Such mechanisms need to be understood as part of a strategy of psychological warfare with the goal of effecting the “soul murder” of the German people. A people without a soul cannot survive physically. According to Mahler, this is a genocidal project that has its basis in the Jewish understanding of the German people as part of the nation of Amalek, the Biblical arch enemy whose “seed” must be destroyed.

Mahler frequently quotes Jewish philosopher and Rabbi Martin Buber to prove that the annihilation impulse exists in the Jewish people not only against the German people but also against every other nation, since Judaism embodies a stark “No to the lives of the peoples” (“ein Nein zum Leben der Völker” – meaning “no to the traditional ways of non-Jewish peoples”). According to Mahler, the German spirit and the Jewish spirit are antagonistic to each other, which is the root of the conflict. Whilst German philosophy is a deeply organic way of thinking that seeks to maintain sanctimonious harmony with nature, Jewish thinking and behaviour is the polar opposite, aiming at the destruction of naturally grown structures.

Mahler was sentenced to 12 years in prison for “incitement to the detriment of the Jews” and “Holocaust denial” in 2009. In his open letter to the Central Committee of Jews in Germany and the Jewish organisation “Sons of the Covenant” (B’nai B’rith), dated on August 2009, Mahler declares himself a personal prisoner of organised World Jewry (All-Juda).

Regarding incitement, it must be noted that Mahler nowhere calls for hostility against Jews, and explicitly says that hatred and physical harm against Jews must be prevented under any circumstances. His analysis of the current state of affairs is based on Hegelian philosophy, readings of Christian and Jewish Scripture, and a thorough understanding of the legal situation of present day Germany.

He has now served five years of his twelve-year term. At 79 years of age, German law should now permit him to leave prison early. However, authorities do not seem to be willing to act in accordance with the law in this case, and have asked Mahler to withdraw his proposal.

This is a very rough summary of Mahler’s positions. When writing in German, Mahler articulates his views in a well-informed, sophisticated and precise language.

Please feel free to send him an uplifting note:

Horst Mahler
JVA Brandenburg a.d. Havel
Anton-Saefkow Allee 22
14772 Brandenburg a. d. Havel

Reproduced from  alethonews

Horst Mahler’s speech to German compatriots in April, 2017

Video: Horst Mahler – Last speech [19.04.2017]  Youtube


Günter Deckert


From Wikipedia

Günter Deckert
Leader of the National Democratic Party of Germany
In office:
Preceded by Martin Mussgnug
Succeeded by Udo Voigt
Personal details:
Born 9 January 1940 (age 77)
Heidelberg, Baden
Political party National Democratic Party of Germany
Profession Politician

Günter Deckert (born 9 January 1940 in Heidelberg, Baden) is a far-right German political activist. He was the leader of the far right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD).[1] He has served five years in prison in Germany for various offences, including Holocaust denial and incitement to racial hatred. He translated the Leuchter report, an investigation from the United States which attempted to cast doubt on the feasibility of mass extermination via the gas chambers in the Holocaust.


Deckert was a high school teacher, but was fired from that job in 1988 after being repeatedly sanctioned for his political activism.[3] He was also a city councilman in Weinheim and started a travel agency named Germania. He rose to fame when he became the chairman of the NPD.

In November 1991, Deckert participated in a meeting featuring Fred A. Leuchter,[3] for which he was later charged and convicted of inciting racial hatred. Deckert translated what Leuchter was saying for the benefit of the audience, and said at the meeting that the Holocaust was a myth perpetrated by “a parasitical people who were using a historical lie to muzzle […] Germany”. In 1992 he was sentenced to one year in prison. Deckert appealed the verdict of his conviction, and in March 1994 the Mannheim State Court ordered a retrial, on the grounds that the lower court had failed to ascertain all of the necessary facts.

At the retrial in the summer of 1994, one of the three panel judges, Judge Wolfgang Mueller, described him as an “intelligent man of character for whom the claim was a matter of the heart” and another, Judge Ranier Orlet, who had presided over the case and whose prior reputation for “revision-proof” opinions had made him seem ideal for the case, declared that Deckert had “expressed legitimate interests” when he had questioned the political and financial demands continuing to be made by Jews upon Germany almost fifty years after World War II, “while the mass murders of other nations remain unatoned”. Orlet, in a sixty-six page opinion, found that Deckert was “no anti-Semite” who “left a good impression upon the court” as a “responsible personality of good character”, and who merely considered it “desirable that research constantly rechecked even historical theses that are considered valid”. The panel of three judges still found Deckert guilty, and sentenced him again to one year in prison, but this time as a suspended sentence, in the expectation (in the judges’ opinion) that he would “avoid punishable involvements” in future, albeit that “changes in his political views … were not to be expected”.

These statements caused a public outcry: spokespeople for the Jewish community crying foul, the prosecutor decrying Orlet’s opinions as “instructions” for denying the Holocaust, the German justice minister calling it “a slap in the face of all Holocaust victims”, and the Association of German Judges calling it “a slip of the footing”. As a consequence, the two judges were suspended (although they were reinstated a few months laterN1), and Deckert was ordered to a second retrial. At his third trial, in April 1995, Deckert was sentenced to two years in prison without probation, for Gefährliche Politische Brandstifung (“dangerous political incendiarism”), by Judge Wollentine in Karlsruhe.

Whilst in prison, Deckert wrote a letter to the then vice-chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, Michel Friedman, strongly urging him, as a Jew, to leave Germany. This letter was published in the NPD newspaper. Deckert was charged with incendiarism a second time, and at trial in Mannheim in 1997 he was found guilty and sentenced to an additional two years and three months in prison. During the trial, Deckert’s lawyer, Ludwig Boch, based the defence upon the assertion that the Holocaust was a “legend” invented by the Jews. The defence claimed that German politicians legitimized their “unique political incompetence” through the “uniqueness of German guilt”, and called both Helmut Kohl and Roman Herzog to the stand. Boch was later, in 1999, himself fined Dm 9,000 for these assertions, which were determined to be Volksverhetzung (sedition).[4]

In 2001 Deckert spoke at a meeting of the British National Party in London.


^1 Aside from the views which various people found morally repugnant, Orlet’s opinion is considered to be an able one. Orlet himself initially defended it, stating that when it was “considered objectively, it follows that it is in order as it stands”. However, the news media subjected Orlet to a continual barrage of vilification and ridicule. Representatives in the Baden-Württemberg parliament called for his impeachment, albeit that the state constitution did not allow for Orlet’s behaviour to be considered an impeachable offence. The view of most observers was an affirmation of the principle of the independence of the judiciary, set down in the German constitution: that an otherwise able judge could not be impeached, especially in response to political pressure from the legislature, for injudicious remarks (the chief justice above Orlet having called them “unfortunate formulations that might be misunderstood”) in the course of an otherwise competent judicial work product. The full Mannheim State Court issued a press release, disassociating itself from any antisemitic views that people may have inferred from Orlet’s opinion, but at the same time “deplor[ing] all attacks on the principle of judicial independence”. Orlet later distanced himself from the verdict and retired.


Persecution of the revisionists

These people are persecuted just because they don’t believe in THIS:

Masturbation torture machines of the Nazis

Holstein is recaptured

In Stolen Soul Holstein talks about how Nazi doctors attempted to prove Aryan superiority by collecting Jewish semen with masturbating machines that often killed their subjects.

Quote…(page 117)

But we never gave in, not really; there was that one time just before liberation but other than that we were strong. We would see the boys they put on those masturbating machines just drop, just die, right there in front of us. The absolute cruelty was beyond our belief.

That they could do these things to us, that human beings were doing it to other human beings… and we would hobble back to camp with painfully swollen scrotums whimpering: “Don’t bump me! Please, just don’t touch me!”


Jewish Children Escape and Live with Wolves

Bernie Holstein and his friends

Wolf Girl

What is it with these Jews and their wolf stories?

and this Holocaust ‘survivor’ actually told her story of being raised by wolves to a packed audience of students at Dartmouth College – LOL!

[sarcasm]I mean how could we ever doubt the word of these good folk over evidence such as this [/sarcasm]:

Holocaust Denial Movie: One Third of the Holocaust

Please click on image above to go to movie

Episode 6: Gassing Building

Episode6gassingbuilding (1)

Click on this image to view Episode 6: Gassing Building (Quicktime)

(Recommended episode)

Or click here to view WMV movie

Website: “Debunking the Holocaust”



It shouldn’t escape anyone’s notice that the ONLY two things that have been protected by law in the west’s history are:-

1. Christianity

2. The Holocaust

Maybe they both share something in common …..

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  1. Günter Deckert says:

    Are missing in this list:

    1) Gerd Honsik, Wien
    2) Udo Walendy, Vlotho/Weser – almost 20 months
    3) Günther Kögel, Remscheid – 15 months
    4) Günter Deckert, Weinheim – 60 months
    5) Horst Mahler, now Brandenburg prison near Berlin – ? 12 years
    6) Sylvia Stolz, still at Aichach prison near Augsburg – 39 months

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