“You’re an anti-Gentile!”

How often have you heard this? Probably never. Well, this is funny because we hear “YOU’RE AN ANTI-SEMITE!” all the time. Like when DON’T you hear it these days?

It doesn’t matter what you argue, whether you can prove what you say is true, the response is always the same, “YOU’RE AN ANTI-SEMITE”, and if it’s a television show, they usually have a black person chiming in the same. This must be the first thing Jews get taught while suckling at the breast because they ALL say this, every single time. This “anti” refrain is such a crutch for them, even when they can’t say you’re an “anti-semitic”, they will say you’re “anti-[something else]”, even if it’s literally “you’re anti-something”.

This is their “argument”:
If you attack a Jewish person, you are an anti-semite.

The other side of that coin is:

If you attack a non-Jew, you are anti-Gentile. [DUH!]

I’m sick of hearing “You’re an anti-semite!” Jews can spend the whole debate just saying “You’re an anti-semite.” Let’s start calling these Jews ‘anti-Gentiles’ and see how they like it when we flood them with “You’re an anti-Gentile!”

Don’t even reason or try to argue – you will look like a fool because by their definition if you disagree with a Jew or attack a pro-semitic (anti-Gentile) POV, you ARE anti-semitic. Just say “You’re an ANTI-GENTILE!” over and over again.

Eg. The Subie Sister who was interviewed on TV should have said in response to “The ADL says your anti-semite” “The ADL is anti-Gentile.” or “That’s an anti-Gentile statement.”

Don’t deny it like Bollyn did in the Jews did 9/11 show by Paula Zahn, just say “Jews are anti-Gentile” or “The people who criticize me are anti-Gentile.” “The ADL is anti-Gentile.” “The perpetrators of the crime are anti-Gentile.”

Do what the Jews do:


Just keep saying “You’re an anti-Gentile”, “You hate Gentiles”, “You’re a hater” over and over again. Sound like a broken record. Stick your fingers in your ears and repeat “You’re an anti-Gentile!” over and over and over again.

They are not here to argue, they are here to spread propaganda. And you should respond in like.

I want to hear people doing this. I want people to start naming the Jew for exactly what they are.










OK, let’s start drowning them out with this.

See how THEY like it. They want to make a point about religion, about Judaism, sobeit. We will make it an issue too.

And they can’t argue back because it’s absolutely true. You attack a Gentile person or a Gentile person’s point of view – you are being an anti-Gentile. End of story.

If you don’t like apricots, you are “anti-apricot”. Don’t like cancer? You are being “anti-cancer”. This is Jews’ logic. Turn it back on them.

And they won’t be able to respond.

There are more Gentiles than there are Jews. If push comes to shove, who has to give way? The anti-semitic or the anti-Gentile?

The USA is a Gentile country and if the Jews don’t like it, they can go to Semite-Land. Gentile countries are for Gentiles, not for semites (Jews). It is entirely acceptable to be pro-Gentile, and unacceptable to be anti-Gentile in a Gentile country.

So don’t forget to say this:


Case in point about the ‘anti-semitism’ schtick: there was a recent piece in the Dilbert blog that satirically discussed Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York – “A feeling I’m being had”. Looking at the comments you can count the times Jewish commenters bring up “You’re an anti-semite!” – and find this numbers in the fifties (last time I checked), maybe in the hundreds by now. How many times does a commenter there say “You’re an anti-Gentile!”?

Why are the Jews upset about Ahmadinejad and Dilbert’s comments about his visit? Because we don’t want to kill Iranians, a Gentile group that has done nothing against us. Because we don’t want to endanger ourselves as we would be if we attacked Iran. What’s the point in attacking a country thousands of miles away, a country that has no intention of invading us? As for the suitcase nukes argument, the only country we should worry about doing that is ISRAEL, with its hundreds of Dimona nukes and hundreds of suitcase nukes the Russian Jews stole from the USSR when it collapsed. And Israel has attacked America before – in false flag attacks. Remember the USS Liberty? The Lavon Affair? The Berlin nightclub “Operation Trojan” bombing? And most recently, 9/11?

And what do the Jews’ reaction to this argument tell us about the Jews? It tells us that they’re highly aggressive people, warmongers in fact. They’re people who urge other people (mostly Gentiles) to murder others while they themselves sit on the sidelines and direct the killing. (Jews are generally found in the military in low numbers (not only do they not volunteer but they are notorious draft dodgers), except in the top tier – General Franks and General Natonski are Jewish, and so is Petraeus. Also Brigadier General Janice Karpinski is Jewish. If you thought Jews promote each other to top positions you wouldn’t be wrong. It only takes one to get a plum post and before long you’ll find all the top posts filled by the Chosenites.)

And look at Bill Maher’s reaction when told by Scheuer, former head of the Bin Laden unit and author of a book on him (although how much of an expert can he be if he doesn’t realize the Bin Laden videos are fake and that he’s dead?), that Israel is not worth ONE American life nor ONE American dollar – Maher was incredulous, almost outraged, shocked, offended (albeit the emotions were somewhat feigned). So is BILL MAHER ready to give up his life for Israel? The enlistment office is waiting for your call, Maher. And we’re waiting too.

YouTube – Michael Scheuer interviewed by Bill…

Transcript of the interview (excerpted):

Scheuer: I disagree with you on Israel, just uh …
Maher: In what way?
Scheuer: I hope Israel flourishes, I just don’t think it’s worth an American life or an American dollar.
Maher: You don’t think the existence of Israel in the world is worth an American life or an American dollar?
Scheuer: Not only Israel, sir, but Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or Bolivia.
Maher: You’re really not telling me that Israel is on par with Saudi Arabia?
Scheuer: I’m telling you, what I’m telling you, sir, is that I’m most interested in the survival of the US.

Maher: But Israel is democratic in a part of the world that has none.
Scheuer: Well, so what, sir, it doesn’t matter to Americans if anyone [there] votes again. We’ll get by just fine, sir.
Maher: I wouldn’t. You’re saying like back in 1973 when Israel’s existence was threatened in the Yom Kippur War, we came to their aid, we shouldn’t have done that, we shouldn’t do it again?
Scheuer: What I’m saying, sir, is we should have revisited the situation after 1973 and not be the unqualified sole supporter of Israel at the moment. I think it earns America tremendous pain and increasingly dead Americans, fighting wars that are not ours to fight.
Maher: But you did say after 9/11, the only way to win is to kill more of the enemy.
Scheuer: Yes, I did, sir.
Maher: Any way we can without a great deal of concern for civilian casualties.
Scheuer: Yes, sir, I said that exactly.
Maher: You still believe that?
Scheuer: Absolutely.
Maher: The only way to win is to kill our way ot of it?
Scheuer: That’s part of it, sir … The other part is what Mr Paul has said is to stop intervening in their world except when it’s absolutely necessary.


The tide IS turning. And all it took was a few brave souls to speak the truth – that Israel is the reason why 3000 (actually 73,000 if you consider the latest Pentagon report that came out recently) Americans are dead and more importantly (because the Iraqis are the ‘innocent’ victims in all of this) why one million Iraqis are dead.

Israel is the reason for the Jews and their goyim deputies trolling for a war in Iran. The more people state such obvious truths, the more we immunize ourselves against persecution by the Jews. They can attack the odd person or two who dares to speak out. But the Jews can’t retaliate against EVERYONE if everyone spoke up. The Jews threaten to boycott Dilbert but their threats are becoming increasingly ineffective and especially so in the present climate of an economic downturn when people have less to lose. The sleaziness of the Jews in organizing themselves in persecuting American-firsters as they habitually do just makes people stand more firmly against them these days. The Jews’ anti-Americanism is becoming more transparent. Their disloyalty to the nation which they share with Gentiles is becoming more nakedly obvious. Their anti-Gentilism is being revealed more by the day. “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.” Jews in their arrogance forgot this pearl of wisdom. People are calling the Jews’ bluff. They’re naming the Jew. The Jewish stranglehold on the economy, on the political establishment, on the country itself, has done nothing for the people. It’s impoverished them and destroyed lives. It places the future of the US in doubt. The people are waking up that not being Jew-aware has cost them dearly. (Read about Jew-denial. Also read “It’s the Jews, stupid!”)

But still the Jews are audacious to the last. While the USA is reviewing where it’s heading and is questioning the policies of the past two decades, the Jews scream for more and more blood, they demand more Gentiles to be sacrificed at the altar of Jewish Supremacism.

“Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

Prime Minister Menachem Begin (reported by Amnon Kapeliouk, “Begin and the ‘Beasts,”‘ New Statesman, June 25, 1982)

They writhe in indignation that we do not commit genocide against Iranians, genocide that is already happening to the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. They set their attack dogs, Hannity, O’Reilly and others, on us to tear us apart in front the national TV audience to show what happens to those who do not bow down to the Jew. To those who persist in being “anti-semite”.

But the worm is turning. The former lemmings are tossing aside their lemming ways. They see one person stick their neck out, and this gives them enough courage to join the chorus. This is happening live even, on network television, in public.

And …

OF COURSE IT’S ANTI-SEMITIC TO ATTACK JEWS. DUH. (As it is anti-Gentile for Jews to attack a Gentile in an argument ….. )


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4 Responses to “You’re an anti-Gentile!”

  1. cubanbach says:

    Wow, someone finally said it. From the time I was 13, coincidentally a very Jewish milestone, from the time I was 33, I lived in a Jewish neighborhood. Because I was a GENTILE, I wasn’t treated very nicely or even EQUALLY. I was a “curiosity” but nothing to be taken seriously. I felt the anti-gentile feeling all these years….and I have fought a disturbing feeling that I was developing into an anti-semite. It bothers me to this day, when I am 55 and wondering, where I might be if we had not had to live in that neighborhood so many years and lived with my own kind. I wonder. Am I stronger? Weaker? All can say is that I have felt the horror of being a gentile in a semite world, first hand.

    • tarbaby says:

      That’s sad to hear. Being with your own kind is very important when growing up. Jews do treat others differently and favor their own kind.

  2. NORTHSTAR says:

    I started using the term anti-gentile about two yrs ago . Hell yes it I EFFECTIVE!!! We need it to catch on in as big a way as their anti == charge against us ..The Jew are not Gods in the flesh and we so called Gentile goyim are NOT THEIR CATTLE…The Jew is exposed far and wide for their criminal tribal 3000 yr assault on humanity…God Bless you I have bookmarked this site and will read DAILY!!!!Happy Thanksgiving and Merry CHRISTmas…

    • tarbaby says:

      Yes, I’ve noticed it’s effective. The Jews get all defensive and much quieter when you say that. It starts making gentiles think about what the word ‘anti-semite’ is all about. And why they hardly ever hear its counterpart “anti-gentile”.

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