Political Ashkenazim sleight of hand to distact from anti-goyism

This is from a conversation taken from another site:

***  Study pf126p’s responses. Educate yourself about Political Ashkenazi methods & strategies. Try & learn how they operate. Observe his tone when talking to goyim. Note the insulting speech. Catch the way abuse flows easily from his mouth. See how he makes sure to inject a complaint about ‘anti-semitism’ – a strategy used when you expose them. Witness their use of classic misdirection to distract you from their anti-goyism. Note how they claim victim status when they are in fact the attackers.

*** The complaint “ANTI-SEMITISM” is a classic misdirection ploy, used by the master magician Political Ashkenazim to distract you from what they are doing, deflecting your attention away from their anti-goy actions. Beware when they cry “ANTI-SEMITISM!”. This is when the Political Ashkenazim are at their most dangerous. There is a Polish saying: “A Jew cries in pain as he strikes you.” Do not be distracted by a Political Ashkenazi’s cries. Watch out for the strike that is coming at you.

*** When the Political Ashkenazim snake slithers among you goyim and hisses “ANTI-SEMITISM!!!” they are only distracting you from their anti-Goyism. The hatred & contempt for the goyim that the Political Ashkenazim is real & palpable. It is hard for them to disguise it. You can sense it in the way they speak. They are speaking to lesser beings, to cattle, and so a special tone is used by Political Ashkenazim when they speak to goys.
*** Political Ashkenazim (Jews) always try & make themselves a special case. They whine about ‘anti-semitism’ while at the same time talk insultingly at goyim. They must use the foulest language, the most insulting terms when they speak to a goy – betraying their contempt, their hatred for goyim. Anti-goyism is not a problem for them. They can insult & attack (& MURDER them in MOSSAD black ops). The political ashkenazim are different & special. There are exceptions made for them. And only for them.

*** They kill Polish & Russians in MOSSAD black ops & loudly wail about ‘antisemitism’ at the same time. With one hand they perform the covert deed, and with their other they distract you by claiming to be the victim instead of the attacker. These Ashkenazim are master magicians & expert deceivers. Goyim are too far behind to see through the trickery of the Political Ashkenazim. They think Political Ashkenazim are victims. The goyim do not see THEY are the victims of anti-goyism.

***Dividing & conquering. The Political Ashkenazim (Jews) never rests. Relentless dividing & conquering & waging covert war on the goyim, all the while wailing about “anti-semitism”. They want to distract you from what they are doing, how they attack, murder, dupe goyim, distract you by complaining about “anti-semitism’ constantly. To distract you from their ANTI-GOYISM. Diversion & misdirection by the magician Ashkenazim. Goyim are babes in the woods compared to these wily & cunning Ashkenazim.
*** Polish goyim (as well as most other goyim) are but babes in the woods when it comes to their understanding & awareness of the true nature of the tricks & deceptions played on them. Poles etc think they rule themselves; they don’t – they are controlled by the Political Ashkenazim (Jews). The Political Ashkenazim move silently & in disguise among these babe in the woods, causing mayhem & confusion &sowing distrust between neighbors like mischievous goblins. Kaczynski’s death=MOSSAD sleight of hand

*** pf126p is a member of Political Ashkenazim stirring up trouble between Russians & Poles. Divide & conquer is their technique. Via deception thou shalt wage war. Do MOSSAD black op & then sow suspicion. Beware of the Political Ashkenazim snake that slithers among you goyim. The Political Ashkenazim never reveals he is a Jew. He pretends he is a Pole, Russian etc never a Jew or an Israeli. Foolish goyim get duped & get bitten by snake.
***  Political Ashkenazim are softening up the Polish to accept “missile shield” to make a unilateral nuclear strike on Russia possible. Idiotic Polish who are unaware how their political Ashkenazim “allies” are using them become more of their tool to threaten Russia & bring this region closer to war. Kaczynski’s assassination was a strategic covert move to increase tensions between Russia & Poland, and bring Poland closer to the NATO (Political Ashkenazim) fold. CLASSIC MOSSAD BLACK OP.

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