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Jews are white

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It’s all about race (and always has been), as the hapless Europeans are finding out, as their patience is starting to wear thin as their countries are used as dumping grounds for non-European refugees. The Europeans are being swamped with … Continue reading

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LGBT Brigades in Syria – Antifa’s “Divide & Conquer”

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Reproduced from Activist Post LGBT Brigades In Syria? Western Anarcho-Leftists Cutting Their Teeth With Western-Backed Kurdish YPG TOPICS: Brandon Turbeville ISIS LGBT Brigades Middle East Syria JULY 27, 2017 By Brandon Turbeville The Western corporate press is now having a field day promoting the latest Western … Continue reading

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Antigentilism – the longest hatred

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To protect oneself against antigentilism, a nation must exercise Defensive Antisemitism and Defensive Nationalism. This is done to protect the majority from the minorities being used against them, such as was done in Russia in the 20th century. via The … Continue reading

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Holocaust Deniers Should Be Put To Death

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via Holocaust Deniers Should Be Put To Death – Darkmoon Admin June 30, 2017 Other Writers By SEYMOUR ZAK Also published on the Truthseeker We know nothing about this Zionist writer apart from the fact that he has been a … Continue reading

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Jews dominated communism

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Note that North Korea’s system has evolved away from communism and is closer to national socialism. Private property is allowed in North Korea and some free markets operate there. In communism, all property is owned by the state. Private ownership … Continue reading

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Solzhenitsyn: Jews & communism

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“And if I wished to generalize and state that the life of Jews in camps was especially difficult, then I would be allowed to do so and wouldn’t be peppered with admonitions for unjust ethnic generalizations. But in the camps, … Continue reading

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Baigais Gads Part III

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From: Baigais Gads: The Road of Torture (link) WARNING: Graphic pictures of tortured and mutilated corpses Page 18 THE ROAD OF TORTURE … ON WHICH WENT THOUSANDS OF LATVIANS The hallway of Riga KGB, with cells A solitary cell, one … Continue reading

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