The Enemy within and without

Adapted from Some minor alterations to the text, but most of it is reproduced as is here.

The Enemy within and without

the-wandering-jew-sml.jpg The land of Europe has partook in her share of conflict; though, on the surface, the lines are clearly drawn and the adversary patently defined as an enemy nation. Yet, these sharp lines of strategy are instantly complicated by the Jewish element. It is in his very vocal wail of his apparent ‘diaspora’ that the nature of the Jew is revealed. The wandering or nomadic Jew, perhaps meant to evoke sympathy for his supposed homelessness, only exposes his international strategy. Gerald Soman, a prominent Jew, disclosed that “we are Jews first, we are Englishmen second. Any Jew that professes to be a good Englishman is a living lie,” confirming a profound lack of loyalty to the nation providing residence. The international Jew also has a global language in which to conduct his business – Yiddish, and takes advantage of the communication difficulties deriving from the perfusion of languages across Europe. Already the ‘pogrom’ has been established as a fabricated word, invented by the Jew to impose their interpretation on periods of unrest in Eastern Europe, and represents one of the most ambitious propaganda campaigns within the Jewish narrative.

It is the period after 1917, as ethnic Europeans resist the annexation of their land, that deserves particular scrutiny. Here, the Jewish narrative paints a scene similar to that of the European battle field, a fair fight between equally matched combatants, the Red Army and the White Army, with one distinct exception – the poor Jew trapped in between. Again, the notion of the ‘pogrom‘ emerges, as atrocities, typically instigated by Europeans against Jews, are highlighted. aleksandr-ilyich-ulyanov1-sml.jpg That the term ‘pogrom‘ is used should already alert one to the fact that the Jewish propaganda machine is in full swing. In reality, Jewish terrorists had been actively subverting the Russian political landscape for decades, with numerous political assassinations and attempted assassinations (the most prominent assassin being the Jew Vera Figner, who assassinated Alexander II in 1881, and in 1887, Aleksandr Ulyanov, the older brother of the Jewish Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin, who organized an assassination attempt on Alexander III.)

the-1881-assassination-of-tsar-alexander-ii1 (1)-sml.jpg

These same Jewish terrorists took advantage of the ‘upheaval’ of WWI to seize control. Bolshevism is a Jewish faction: merely the Jew Karl Marx’s weapon of Communism, concealed under another name. It is here that international Jewish intervention is necessary, for, as Jews in Eastern Europe are committing genocide against the native European inhabitants, the Jewish tribe required a cover story, or else his image as the eternal victim will collapse. Thus, the tried and tested sob story of the ‘pogrom’ is issued to the European masses, portraying the Jew as the helpless victim, rather than the subversive malevolent usurper. Incidentally, it cannot be a coincidence that Trotsky arrived in New York on January 28th, 1905, under the name ‘Irska’ Bronstein, right in the middle of the Russo-Japanese War (8th February, 1904 – 5th September, 1905).

trotsky-arrived-in-new-york-on-january-28th-1905-under-the-name-e28098irska_-bronstein copy-sml.png

Jewish banker Jacob Schiff, located in New York, funded the Japanese against Russia, and it is likely that it is he whom Trotsky was going to visit. Schiff is again linked to Trotsky as the financier behind the seizure of Russia in 1917. Trotsky was arrested, tried and convicted for involvement in terrorist activity surrounding the destabilisation and attempted Bolshevik seizure of Russia in 1905. It is critical to note here the comparative circumstances between 1905 and 1917 – the ravages of war that the Jew took advantage of. Equally, Jewish banker Schiff financed both efforts, and Jewish political subversion and terrorist activity combined to sabotage Russia. count-alois-lexa-von-aehrenthal-sml Following this failure to secure Russia in 1908, the Jew Count Alois Lexa von Aehrenthal secretly engineered an agreement between Austria and Russia for Austria to annex Bosnia Herzegovina. Bosnia was Serbian territory at this time, and this was to instigate the Bosnian crisis, destabilising that whole area of Europe; thus, fracturing Europe’s exposed and delicate treaty system, directly leading to World War I. Naturally, predicting ‘great world upheaval’ at the Zionist Congress in 1903 must have been simple for Jew Theodor Herzl when one’s own tribe would have a hand in it.


1917 was also the year that Arthur James Balfour produced the declaration made to the Jew Lord Rothschild, acknowledging Jewish separatism, and confirming that the government in Britain is occupied by a 5th column that serves its own interests. The letter to Rothschild advised that the British government viewed with favour the occupation of Palestine by the Jews.

However, for the materialisation of Jewish inhabitation, world sympathy for their fictitious ‘plight’ must be gained. The English edition of Mein Kampf was still in the process of printing and publication when international Jewry declared war on National Socialism, and started an intensive blockade against Germany in 1933. All that was needed was a pretext to mobilise an army against Germany, and this came in 1939.
Britain had no justification for its involvement in a German-Polish border dispute; it was merely used as a ruse to declare war against Germany. It is now known that the situation between Germany and Poland (ethnic Germans were terribly maltreated behind borders redefined by Versailles) was exacerbated by the so called ‘British’ (Jewish) government’s promise of military aid to Poland. With war declared, international Jewry constructed the Holocaust myth, which not only deviously concealed the atrocities of Jewish Bolshevism against ethnic Europeans (the Holodomor genocides, in which 16.5 million Europeans were murdered), but gained mass sympathy and support for their second land seizure. It was post-WWII that the Balfour Declaration proved most valuable to the ‘chosen tribe’, for it was at this point that they pursued the notion of a people without a land. The concept is, of course, absurd since the Jew applies to its people the word Semite, and that race has long existed in the Middle East. ukraine-it_s-a-jewish-game-didn_t-you-know-sml

To conclude, it is clear that the Jew is the malevolent entity. The Jewish terrorist, an alien parasite, for decades subverted Aryan land from within. It attacks with intent to size control, and does so at the first opportunity. Under the cover of war, the Jewish faction captured Russia. Under normal circumstances, ANY retaliation against the Jew is acceptable because they are the obvious enemy. However, the psychology that the international Jew employs fools the European mass into believing that the host is attacked by an external enemy of equal strength. Jewish propaganda cites 3 unique parties: the host, his enemy, and the poor Jew trapped in the middle. In reality, there are only 2 factions, for the host nation is under continuous attack from the Jew within. Finally, the Jew within seizes the host nation, and the threat to their power is the indigenous inhabitants.


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