Antigentilism – the longest hatred

To protect oneself against antigentilism, a nation must exercise Defensive Antisemitism and Defensive Nationalism. This is done to protect the majority from the minorities being used against them, such as was done in Russia in the 20th century.

via The Longest Hatred: An Examination of Anti-Gentilism : Jane Birdwood : Free Download

This book can be read at the Archive Org site

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chapters anti gentilism


• The Banking Racket

• The Bank “of England” and the National Debt

• Control of Monetary Issue Must Return to the Crown

• The Rothschilds: Hereditary Princes of Usury

• The Banking System Corrupts “Democracy”

• Tyranny Computerized in the “Cashless Society”

• Communism is Jewish

• The Real Reason for Colored Immigration into Britain

• The Media – An Instrument of the Bankers

• Anti-semitism’ Caused by Jewish Anti-Gentilism

• Masonic Secret Societies are Controlled by Jewry

• Deliberately Contrived Wars

• The Truth Reversed in ‘Holocaust’ Hoax

• The Jews Were Expelled from Britain Once Before

Publisher’s Preface to Appendix

• The Bible and Multiracialism

• Zionists Misdirect Education

• Zionist Hoax Unmasked

• The Destruction of Evil – The Triumph of Good


Gentiles must practise Defensive Anti-Semitism. Defensive anti-semitism is actually pro-semitism as it protects Jews from the effects of their own hatred of gentiles. This hatred leads to crimes against gentiles which then causes gentile retaliation against Jews and expulsions of Jews, which feeds into the cycle of Jews’ hatred of gentiles, the basic cause of the problem.

Defensive anti-semitism involves spreading education about Jews and uncovering their lies. The two major lies that are at the heart of their power are the September 11 false flag attacks and the Holocaust hoax. Exposing these two events does much to reduce their power in society, and goes far towards informing other gentiles about the nature of the Jews’ anti-gentilism and their culture of aggressively preying on gentiles.

A gentile who is unaware of the truth of these two events is like a lamb walking unwittingly into a glen full of jackals. You can imagine the jackals will be quick to pull this lamb (gentile) apart.

An informed society is a strong one. In the old days, news spread to villages fast. Because villages were small then and tightly knit, everyone became quickly aware of some antagonistic element among them that threatened the peace and their safety.

A society ignorant of these dangers is like a lamb wandering into danger. Like the unfortunate Russian peasants who trusted the urbane Jews, with their international connections, including ones to wealthy banking magnates in America, many gentiles in America and elsewhere around the world are innocently and obliviously putting themselves in danger. There is no security in naivete. Any bliss experienced in being ignorant will be short-lived, as those poor individuals in the former USSR found out when they ended up in slave camps, AKA gulags, of their Jewish oppressors.

VIDEO:  Jacob Cohen explains the Sayanim (Mossad’s volunteer agents)  Youtube


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palestinians1 are animals

ukrainian security service jews caused

rabbi yosef compared goyim to donkeys




abolishing the white race ignatiev

cohen anti racism bill

world government

europe multicultural

jewish leaders push islamization of europe

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polish proverb

jews are provocateurs subversives saboteurs2



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  1. larryzb says:

    An arrogant and wretched people, the Jews.

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