Jews are white

It’s all about race (and always has been), as the hapless Europeans are finding out, as their patience is starting to wear thin as their countries are used as dumping grounds for non-European refugees. The Europeans are being swamped with having to provide resources to support to these people. In addition, the Europeans are expected to adapt to these newcomers and not the other way around. Europeans are learning that socialist economies come with a price tag, and that price is cultural Marxism.

Already the Europeans are muzzled from discussing these issues. Protesting is considered hate speech, as decreed by the Zionist-controlled European common government, and the Europeans, who are very assiduous in obeying laws to the letter, try and be obedient as possible, censoring themselves and others.

They even penalize countries for not accepting their fair share of migrants. Hungary and Poland are in hot water by the EU for not taking in its required quota of refugees, and may face stiff penalties.

The loss of independence comes with these “extras”.

These Europeans have lost sight of the fact that it’s all about race. Race, race and race again. These Jews, below, show how they have not lost sight of this, while at the same time, they lecture to Europeans that they have to take more and more migrants in. These migrants are being created in large part by the foreign policies of the Jews that involve the overthrow of governments in the Middle East using warfare.

However, Israel and Saudi Arabia are protected from taking in significant numbers of these refugees although these wars are being done for their benefit.

Europeans have become a sheepish lot. Some are starting to stir though. Belatedly, they realize the importance of preserving one’s racial and ethnic homogeneity. The events in the USSR of the last century show how important it is to think of these issues, and furthermore, put them at the top of the agenda. The Jews do.

Race is a constant consideration of them; it’s central to their religion, and therefore, their culture, and even non-religious or atheist Jews are well aware of the race and ethnicity of the people they work and live with. Networking with other Jews is a major part of their culture.

After the turmoil of the USSR under communism ended, with memories starting to fade of those nightmarish times, these lessons are being forgotten.

During war, people align themselves according to racial lines. Jewish partisans in the front lines of guerrilla war in Eastern Europe during WWII were the most aggressive in battling against the German army. This is because the Jews had a big stake in making sure communism was triumphant. With communism, they were able to impose a Jewish order on the countries of Russia, Baltic states and Soviet central republics. If communism prevailed, Jews could wield much power as a group.

And they did so, with much brutal efficiency, effectively turning the Gentiles into slaves for the Soviet state machinery.

Fully aware of the need to quell any threats to their power in the form of ” Gentile White Nationalism”, the Jews have embarked on the Arabization of Europe. By making these nations heterogeneous racially and ethnically, thereby weakening the white gentile majority, the Jews have a plan to divide and conquer these nations.

Jews themselves are chameleons. At times, they are whites who identify with the Aryan races, and at other times, “semites” that identify with the non-white (non-Aryan) minorities, as they see fit.

A nation that loses its ethnic majority is a weakened tribe: it has been “invaded” from within. Instead of one strong tribe, it becomes a confederation of tribes with loose bonds between them. At times when it faces aggression, the resistance is easily fractured by the aggressor playing off different sub-tribes against each other. This can be seen in Syria currently.

The people closest to the Jews from a genetic point of view may be the Kurds, according to results of a new study at the Hebrew University.


via Half Sigma: Jews are white

Jews are white

jews are white.jpg

I’m writing about this topic as a follow-up to my post earlier today when I pointed out that white nationalists are really white gentile nationalists.

Judaism is a religion and not a race. Jews can be of any race, even black, but overwhelming majority of Jews in the United States are Ashkenazi Jews, which just means Jews from Europe (excluding Spain), and they are white just like other Europeans. If you think that Spaniards are white, then you would also conclude that Sephardic Jews from Spain are white.

Only white nationalists and Stormfront types insist that Ashkenazi Jews aren’t white, and that’s because they hate Jews but love whites, so they need some sort of rationalization for the inconsistency.

A year ago, Steve Sailer posted a 3-D chart showing how Ashkenazi Jews cluster genetically when compared to other ethnicities, and it’s clear from the chart that Jews are similar to Russians and Western Europeans, and quite dissimilar from Middle Eastern ethnicities such as Druze, Samaritans, and Yemenites.

You shouldn’t even need the chart to figure out that Jews are white, because common sense should inform you that you can’t tell the difference between Jews and other Europeans. It’s true that some Jews have a Jewish look about them, but Italians have an Italian look about them, Irish have an Irish look about them, and Poles have a Polish look about them, but those European ethnicities are rarely accused of not being white. No one is better at identifying other Jews than Jews themselves, and Jews usually can’t tell whether or not someone looks Jewish. I remember an organization in the Phoenix area which threw parties for Jewish singles, and they would always ask at the door, “are you Jewish?” The reason they had to ask the question is because they can’t tell by looking. It’s hard to imagine a black organization asking at the door, “are you black?”

I don’t know of any Ashkenazi Jews who consider themselves anything other than white. There are many Jews who, when asked their ethnicity, say that they’re Jewish, but I don’t say that. I tell people I’m half Russian and half Polish. I would encourage more Jews to identify themselves that way.

Jewish political groups aren’t doing anything to defend against the anti-Semitic meme that Jews aren’t white because Jewish groups tend to be very liberal, and liberals think that defending against the accusation that one isn’t white would be admitting that you believe that there’s something wrong with not being white, and it would be racist to think there’s something wrong with not being white. But in my opinion, it’s not racist to point out that some white nationalists are saying stuff about Jews which isn’t true.

Jun 12, 2009 4:57:49 PM

Reproduced from Half Sigma: Jews are white

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