Trotsky’s White Negroes: The Censored Holocaust

I bring up this book because the title “Trotsky’s White Negroes” fits the description of what the Soviet Gentiles were. They were his slaves. The labor camps were for exploitation of the “Slavs”, using them for slave labor. They were exactly slaves, slaves of the modern era. Slavery was supposed to be abolished in the 19th century with the end of slavery in the US, but it actually was not because the camp system, and the NKVD, were designed to feed slaves into these labor centers. It would be good to know what percentage of the population was enslaved by the communists.

It’s hard to believe that people don’t have mental trauma from that time. Surely, the Russians etc must have memories or knowledge of what actually happened. If Westerners have access to the information, wouldn’t Russians have the same knowledge?

It seems that Russians don’t speak of this horror much, as far as I am aware. Why is that? If anything, they seem to think they are the victims of the Nazis and not the Jews, the Jewish Bolshevik communists.

It might be media manipulation but that’s the impression I get.

With regards to Russians I have come across, either they don’t discuss communism much, or they like to talk about Hitler and the Nazis.

Some Eastern Europeans actually hanker after communism.

Could it because most of the survivors are collaborators of that period? Or the offspring of the collaborators? This could explain the reluctance of Russians to discuss the subject.

Also, the horror of that period may make them reluctant to talk about it. People were terrorized for speaking out about these kinds of things, so I suppose the most prudent, who avoided these subjects, survived. Therefore, society becomes like this – not wanting to deal with the past. It’s hard to say.

via Trotsky’s White Negroes: The Censored Holocaust: Mike Walsh: 9781533196200: Books

Trotsky’s White Negroes: The Censored Holocaust Paperback – May 12, 2016


 The 1917 coup that led to 73 years of terrifying Communism was an American inspired coup d’état. The seizure is better known as the Russian Revolution because those responsible control media. We have been conditioned to think what the guilty want us to think. The seizure of Tsarist Russia was entirely financed from non-Russian sources; principally U.S based finance houses. Very few of the ‘revolutionaries’ were Russian. Bolshevism finally triumphed in 1922. Western banks that invested in the coup and industrialists who prayed for its success rubbed their hands. Marx, Lenin and Trotsky were feted more in Wall Street than in terrorised Russia. Through their installed regime U.S banks and corporate interests now controlled Russia’s vast resources. Russia was ripe for exploitation using what Trotsky described as ‘White Negroes’. It is estimated that 70 million of those ‘ethnic European Negroes’ perished before the collapse in 1990. Threatened only by the Reich the West’s investment was rescued in 1941 by Britain and the U.S.
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