How Whites sabotage resistance to Jews

Milo explains why you’re all wrong about antisemitism. Youtube

Here Milo is correct about feminism and the LGBT issue, but he is gatekeeping on the issue of anti-semitism. The “young people” he refers to are not just playing around and being rebellious when they mention the Jewish Question; they absolutely mean what they say and they are knowledgeable about the issues concerning Jewish domination. This is the Internet Generation: information is easily had at one’s fingertips. The 4-chan type humor is to mask the resistance. Open resistance not being “allowed”, Pepe or Kek symbols are used instead to indicate their opposition to the Jews. The elite have made it verboten to speak ill of the Jews, so people go underground. Such was the same in the old days. Many nursery rhymes were chants of protest or attacks on the powers that reigned, carefully disguised as silly nonsense songs. The “Oranges and Lemons” song is one such example.

oranges and lemons song-sml.jpg

Defensive Anti-Semitism and how Whites and Christians sabotage it

Defensive Anti-Semitism is a valid response to the aggressive assault on gentiles by anti-gentiles. Defensive anti-semitism is actually PRO-semitism. Not all Jews are into anti-gentilism. These are protected from retaliation by the informing of people of anti-gentilism, thereby preventing gentiles from getting hurt by anti-gentiles in our midst, and preventing retaliation against Jews.

Defensive Anti-Semitism = Pro-Semitism

Defensive Anti-Semitism stops the cycle of anti-gentilism; it ends the cycle of crime and punishment. It investigates the reasons for the pronounced hatred of Jews against gentiles. It, therefore, can lead to a resolution of this situation, and also informs us of how we can immunize ourselves to the attacks from the Jews. What are the attacks composed of? What are their greatest weapons?

That can be answered right now. One of the greatest weapons Jewry wields is the Holocaust hoax.

typhus gaol fever.jpg

“Debunking the Holocaust” Papermacheworld’s Blog

Another way the Jews control Gentiles is through the “Divide and Conquer” strategy.
Especially through Whites, Jews can effect this type of conquest.

Whites have been the biggest pawns of the Jews in modern history.

For example, many Whites who are alert to the problem of the Jews’ antigentilism actually make the situation worse by framing the resistance to it as “Christian White resistance”.

This makes the situation into a Whites vs Jews fight.

In this way, Whites marginalize minorities and push them towards the Jews.

So, in this way, Jews are able to divide and conquer the gentile majority, and bring the gentile minorities onto their side, a powerful group to have as allies. Even though Jews themselves are few in number, the minorities can help swell their numbers. The presence of minorities in their ranks also camouflage Jewish nationalism, which is at the heart of their anti-gentilism.


Furthermore, this helps to hide another truth: that Jews are actually a white (Aryan) group; they should really not be considered a minority group. They are, in the main, Ashkenazim, in America, at least. The Ashkenazim hold the power among the Jews. The Mizrahim hold relatively less power, although some individual Mizrahi, such as Netanyahu, have considerable influence.

The people closest to the Jews from a genetic point of view may be the Kurds, according to results of a new study at the Hebrew University.   haaretz

The White Nationalists and the White Christians, most of whom originate from Anglo-Saxon-Celtic stock in America, have alienated the minorities from the Defensive Anti-Semitism movement through the identification of the KKK, White Power and other so-called White separatist groups in America with “anti-semitism”.

The Jews, knowing how this will turn off many people from joining the Defensive Anti-Semitism movement, exploit this by frequently raising the issue of white separatist groups and anti-semitism.

In this way, they have made people practising the very valid and necessary philosophy of Defensive Anti-Semitism a feared and marginalized group.

Now, every time someone tries to expose the Holocaust hoax, the Jews cry, “neo-Nazi”, “Nazi”, “Fascist”, “Hitler”, “racist”, “White Power” and so on in a derogatory way. They can turn the issue into a racial argument, which it should not be.

white power

The whites in the Defensive Anti-Semitic movement are very much guilty of this.
Anti-gentilism is directed at ALL GENTILES. This should be kept uppermost in mind.
In fact, right now, millions of people have been killed and are dying (starving Yemeni children) in the non-Anglo nations of the Middle East because of Jewish anti-gentilism.
Therefore, Defensive Anti-Semitism, an important weapon against anti-gentilism, must not be sullied thus, or sabotaged by these peripheral movements and issues.

The issue of nonwhite immigration to European countries is indeed a problem. Many people recognize this, not just Whites.


These racial issues cannot be buried under the rug, but the way that White Gentile Nationalists have framed the debate, by pushing forward that this forced acceptance of migration of nonwhites is an assault on CHRISTIANS and CHRISTIAN VALUES, is going about it the wrong way. This will actually alienate a lot of people who are not Christian and don’t care about “Christian values” but oppose this immigration.

White Gentile Nationalists are marginalizing themselves further by constantly talking about the Holodomor massacres and so on as “Jews killing White Christians”.

The fact of the matter is whether the people who were killed were Christians or not, the important reason they were targeted was that they were NOT JEWS.

Substitute “Gentiles” for “White Christians” and the issue stops becoming a “White Nationalists versus Jews” issue and becomes a “Gentiles vs Jews” issue, which is actually what it is. Anti-gentile Jews have no problems with Zionist Christians.


If the Ukrainians had all become atheist overnight and had shown the same resistance to Jewish Nationalist rule that they did in the 1920s and 1930s, the outcome would have been the same: a massacre of Ukrainians.

Furthermore, the White Nationalists and White Christians should stop marrying the issue of the anti-gentilism of the Jews with issues like homosexuality and “family values” (usually portrayed as Christian values).

This weakens Defensive Anti-Semitism to a great degree. Regardless of whether you agree with those values or not, the problem is not that Jews are attacking Christian values per se, the problem is that Jews are attacking Gentiles, period, and one of the ways they do that is by imposing a culture that is Jew-friendly, that is, cultural Marxism, on the people, and they do so in such a way that there is no room for dissent. Cultural Marxism is part of the divide and rule warfare they do. Some of the values espoused by cultural Marxism per se are not disliked by all people: many people nowadays accept homosexuality and same-sex marriage, including people who would not regard themselves as liberal, cultural Marxists, or leftist; however, the problem is that the Jews and other Social Justice Warriors are forcing these values to be adopted by the community by enshrining these values as the law of the land. Forcing these values on people – making it mandatory to have these values and not be able to speak out against them – is where the problem lies. White Nationalists and White Christians need to go lighter in attacking the values of Cultural Marxism, and attack more strongly the fact that these values are encoded into the laws. Making it illegal to speak out against Cultural Marxism is the problem. Suppression of freedom of speech is the crux of the issue.


Saving Christianity is not the central issue in Defensive Anti-Semitism; recognizing what the Jews are doing and how and why ARE.

The bottom line is that unless Gentiles get as many reinforcements on their side – that is, they get the NUMBERS helping them and agreeing with them – they cannot win.

Alienating people who are gay or who do not care about the gay issue and are tired of Christians focusing on the gay issue all the time makes people start to think Defensive Anti-Semitism is all about “bigotry”, anti-homosexuality, or the preservation of Christian values.

The Jews exploit this by slinging the word “hate” around a lot, using this to get the masses on their side.

Lastly, White Nationalists very foolishly create sympathy for communism by marrying Defensive Anti-Semitism with blind hate for all things communist. They misunderstand the political terms involved, and many do not even know what communism is. Nor do many understand what national socialism is, for that matter.

Communism, especially Soviet communism, should be more correctly known as left-wing expression of Jewish Nationalism in the same way that the central banking Ponzi schemes of the Jews should be known as right-wing expression of Jewish Nationalism.

The latter helped to bring about communism in the USSR. Jacob Schiff was a financier of the Bolshevik communist revolution.

The enslavement of the Gentile people of the USSR began after this, and no, this did not affect just White Christians – it affected Uzbeks, Tatars, Muslims, Chechens and even Korean people. All of these groups suffered banishment, and many members of these groups were executed just for expressing “dissent”. And many were murdered just because they were the wrong race or ethnicity.

This was a Jewish-led “pogrom” against non-Jews. I repeat, the holocaust was not just confined to White Christians in the USSR or to the Nazis, but to gentiles of many different races, ethnicities and religions: this was a gentile holocaust, not a Christian White holocaust.

White gentiles need to stop sabotaging the issue of Defensive Anti-Semitism in the many ways that they do, to the point where they have made Defensive Anti-Semitism an ugly and dividing thing.

Also, the minorities need to recognize that there are many merits to investigating the writings of White Nationalists on the subject of Jews and their crimes and other related issues, including the Holocaust.

They must stop holding this attitude of disdain towards all things pertaining to Gentile White Nationalism. They must be able to sort out the things written about the topic that are useful and informative from the things that are just written to promote the White Nationalism issue – separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Minorities, on the whole, need to stop exercising self-censorship on issues such as the Holocaust.

They should recognize that communists, most of whom are Jewish (atheist Jewish), are going to conceal the fact that USSR communism was Jewish Nationalism on steroids – it was left-wing Jews gone amok – after these Jews seized power, they unleashed their pent-up hatred of the gentiles, creating a holocaust of the people under their control.

Minorities who are left-leaning need to stop idolizing everything communist, including revering Soviet communism, just because they like the way North Korea’s Kim Jong Un stands up to the quasi-capitalist West, especially to the USA. If they really are sincere in their admiration of North Korea’s system, they would be extolling the values of Gentile National Socialism because that is what is in operation over there. The political system of North Korea is more akin to Hitler’s Germany’s than it is to true communism. These admirers should be studying the writings of Mein Kampf rather than the writings of Marx and Trotsky. They should be investigating avidly whether the Holocaust was real or not, and denouncing the gulag system of exploitation of the USSR, and the many abuses by the Communists in Russia done on the Gentile National Socialist peoples.

White Nationalists need to stop making Defensive Anti-Semitism a black-and-white rightwing vs leftwing issue too. They need to understand that no matter what, at the end of the day, National Socialism was SOCIALISM. And they should stop listening to that ultra right-wing Likudnik Jewish sayan self-promoter, Alex Jones, for one thing.

This is written not to promote “communism” or “national socialism” – living in a totalitarian nation where freedom of speech is nonexistent is something that most people would shudder at; this is just written to show how confused people are about this issue.

People should google “socialism” and “communism” on the Internet to understand the truth of the above. Socialism is socialism, period. It does not mean: “I am okay with national socialism because I like Hitler and Nazi Germany, but I hate the socialism of Russia, North Korea and China because I don’t like ‘bolshevik communism’, which is Jewish”. Some Gentile White Nationalists even go so far as to pretend national socialism is the same thing as capitalism.


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