A matured view about so-called antisemitism

Why does antisemitism exist? Antisemitism is not actually antipathy to Jewish people based on race. A large proportion of Jewish people are white. A phenomenon like antisemitism doesn’t exist for other ethnic groups.

Why are Jewish people singled out? Is it because they are exemplary people? More intelligent, more moral, more exceptional than other ethnic groups? And so inviting jealousy and resentment? Jewish people would like to think so, but this is not the explanation either.

The reason why antipathy to Jewish people is common and widespread is because many gentiles recognize the CABALISM of Jews.

They, more than any other ethnicity, behave as a secret society. Their religion is exclusionary. And the religion shapes the culture. The culture ends up having that secret society characteristic.

And this, more than anything, arouses the antipathy that many people feel for Jews.

So, if you think about it, Jews are responsible for the antipathy against Jews. The antipathy is reactionary and protective. It is one way that gentiles, those outside the “secret society”, can defend themselves.

So, one should recognize where the antisemitism comes from.

Jews twist things around and try and imply that antisemitism comes from dislike of the people themselves based on their race, ethnicity, or religion. They try and give the antipathy a racial flavor. If that is the case, and people are reacting to a group that separates itself from others based on their ethnicity, why aren’t people showing the same antipathy to Amish people? They also practise exclusivity. Well, people, in general, don’t have the same attitudes to the Amish that they do to Jews because Amish do not behave in the manner of a secret society.

The secret society kind of behavior and culture, moreover, is damaging to gentiles.

Jews have been successful in masking their cabalism, using the umbrella of  accusations of racial and ethnic prejudice to do so. But why would white people be prejudiced against other white people? – many of the people who have antipathy to Jews are Europeans. It doesn’t make sense.

Antisemitism is actually not racial or even ethnic prejudice; it is dislike of secretiveness. It is antipathy towards cabalistic behavior. It is nothing more or less.

So, whenever the discussion of antisemitism comes up, don’t be fooled. Be aware that the root of antisemitism is based on anti-secret society sentiment, not on racial or ethnic prejudice, nor on religious bias.


Jews get away with a lot, using this misunderstanding about the origins of antisemitism. By focusing on issues of ethnicity and racism, they are able to deflect attention away from their cabalistic behavior, the root cause of the antipathy, and as a consequence, they’re able to continue with their secret society ways. They will continue networking, and in the process, often support each other in criminal enterprises.

VIDEO: Jacob Cohen explains the Sayanim (Mossad’s volunteer agents) Youtube

In a sense, almost every Jew is a “sayan”. In practice, they will engage in this cabalistic behavior, to benefit themselves and disadvantage those outside this secret society. They blend in with gentiles, speak their language, and on the surface, share the same culture, but they lead double lives. In the gentile world, they function as spies.

VIDEO: Sayanim Youtube

The movie, “They Live”, was probably banned for the reason that it is a perfect description of this secret organization – the society of Jews.

The analogies are too obvious. One can see it as an allegory of Jews and the effect they have on gentile society.

VIDEO: “They Live” – Trailer (1988) Youtube

By the way, Jews are not the only secret group that are universally abhorred. The Masons are widely regarded with suspicion in much the same way. The main difference between Jews and Masons is that Jews are an ethnic group and Masons are not.

What to do in this case? One of the most useful things one can do is to recognize the roots of antisemitism. One can then frame the antipathy as a reaction to the cabalistic behavior of Jews. Once the cabalism stops, the antipathy will melt away. If antisemitism is framed in this way, others will be able to understand this notion of antipathy to the Jews, and how it arose. Basically, it comes from the Jews themselves. If they stop this secret society behavior of theirs, antisemitism will come to an end.

Gentiles need to stop being manipulated by Jews in arguments. They must not be on the defensive. Understanding where antisemitism comes from helps gentiles resist being steered into the deadend of having to defend themselves against charges of racism and ethnic prejudice.

When gentiles themselves use Godwin’s law, one can bring up this point that Germans were not against Jews based on race – Jews are white themselves – but based on their behavior and culture, which are heavily cabalistic in nature.

Jews often complain about discrimination by the majority towards the minority. This is where they are vulnerable. By complaining, they show they have double standards. Members of majorities are not supposed to act in ways that favor themselves or else they will face charges of discrimination. However, this is precisely what Jews do.

Antisemitism is essentially anti-cabalism.

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