Beware of human rights organizations – wolves in sheep’s clothing

They are mostly Zionist organizations in disguise. Two such organizations are Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

About Amnesty International:


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Peter Benenson (31 July 1921 – 25 February 2005) was a British lawyer and the founder of human rights group Amnesty International (AI). In 2001,Benenson received the Pride of Britain Award for Lifetime Achievement. He was born in London as Peter James Henry Solomon, to a Jewish family, the only son of Harold Solomon and Flora Benenson; Peter Benenson adopted his mother’s maiden name later in life. His army officer father died when Benenson was aged nine from a long-term injury, and he was tutored privately by W. H. Auden before going to Eton. He took his mother’s maiden name of Benenson as a tribute to his grandfather, the Russian gold tycoon Grigori Benenson, following his grandfather’s death …

Continued at Wide Awake Gentile

About Human Rights Watch:

This is from TW-KoreanHistory






this is getting interesting… the human rights foundation.

in their most recent finances available (2013), the human rights foundations paid i believe a total of $645,468+ to their employees.

if you search the charity databases, there are currently only 4 active jobs listed with their salaries. and let’s just round the total off to $110,000+ or so paid in salaries for all 4 positions listed.

that leaves us a good chunk, around roughly estimated to $530,000+, over a half a million dollars. (someone check my calcs).

but, half a million dollars paid to who or whoms? thor halvorssen? the president of the human rights foundation? anyone else? and why isn’t president or ceo listed in the databases? really, where’s the transparency?

interesting though, this is possibly worth looking into further.

let’s follow the money a little bit, some major donors:

  1. The Bradley Foundation $25K to $35K/yr
    … Harry Bradley was one of the original charter members of the far right-wing John Birch Society, along with another Birch Society board member, Fred Koch, the father of Koch Industries’ billionaire brothers and owners,Charles and David Koch.[5] [X]
  2. John Templeton Foundation, $171,600 grant in 2007
    … tries to encourage the integration of religious beliefs and free-marketprinciples into the classroom. [X]
  3. Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation, $20,000
    …  a funder of conservative and other causes; its chairman and treasurer had been investment banker and former envoy Shelby Cullom Davis, who died in 1994. [X]
  4. Sarah Scaife Found, $100K
    …  have been heavily involved in financing various conservative causes. Research from the Center for American Progress (CAP) indicates that a Scaife foundation has funded various organizations and individuals contributing to anti-Islamic sentiment in the United States. The organization contributed $7,875,000 to Islamophobic groups between 2001 and 2009. Some of the main recipients included the Center for Security Policy, the Counterterrorism & Security Education and Research Foundation, and the David Horowitz Freedom Center. [X]

Koch, wingnuts and Islamophobic groups. this gets even more interesting…


more fun:

Of the seven biggest funders of the Islamophobic groups identified by Fear, Inc., the three largest—the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Richard Mellon Scaife foundations, and Donors Capital Fund—provided the overwhelming majority (82%) of this support, a total of more than $42.5 million.

Started by a cofounder of the far-right John Birch Society, the Bradley Foundation has been described as “a $460 million conservative honey pot dedicated to crushing the labor movement” in Wisconsin. According to theMilwaukee Journal Sentinel, between 2001 and 2009, it doled out “nearly as much money as all seven” foundations run by the Scaife family and the billionaire Koch brothers.

Donors Capital—$20,768,600*

Data from Fear, Inc., Center for American Progress [X]

Halvorssen: no reason to stop taking Islamophobes’ money:

“Halvorssen told Klassekampen that he would continue to accept money from such donors as the Sarah Scaife Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation and Donors Capital Fund. These groups have variously been major donors to the Islamophobic film Obsession, Daniel Pipes’ Middle East Forum, Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy and theDavid Horowitz Freedom Center which sponsors Robert Spencer.

All of these figures and groups were named in the Center of American Progress’s 2011 report “Fear, Inc.” as being key players in “the Islamophobia network in America.”

They were also heavily cited by Anders Behring Breivik in the manifesto he published on 22 July 2011, the day he set off a bomb at Norway’s government headquarters in Oslo – killing eight persons and injuring more than 200 – before proceeding to carry out a massacre of 69 persons at a youth camp of Norway’s ruling Labor Party, most of them children and youths.” [X]

i just wanted to add in alex gladstein to the mix, he works closely with thor halvorssen over at the fraudulent human rights foundation and also at the oslo forum. along with smear tactics, he goes on red-baiting frenzies. here’s his twitter account ->


ok this is some all sorts of ridiculous sick ilbe fkedupness. the guy in the red polo shirt is alex gladstein, the one in the greengrayish jacket is thor halvorssen and they’re holding up ilbe signs:


what the fuck?!?

ilbe is a well known fascist hate group in Korea. recently they carried out a terrorist attack, detonating a homemade bomb at a public talk: yonhapnews


just to recap, you know this human rights group, the Human Rights Foundation or  HRF is a fraud when:

1. The HRF’s finances are suspect.

2. The HRF knowingly approves and receives major funding from well known hate groups and networks.

3. The HRF members hangs out and dines with well known hate groups.

4. The HRF runs an active twitter account, with thousands and thousands of tweets about human rights violations and abuses all around the world, yet has not a single tweet when it comes to human rights abuses and violations in america aka the USA. not a single tweet or facebook post, or anything on their website. twitter link->

5. The HRF has the back and support of the U.S. department of state:




The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has links to the CIA and a CIA backed terrorist group that were plotting to assassinate the President of Bolivia Evo Morales:

Armando Valladares’s CIA Group Linked to Plot Against Evo Morales

Jean-Guy Allard

On Thursday, April 30, the Bolivian Public Prosecutor identified Hugo Achá Megar, identified by AFP as the Bolivian representative of the U.S. NGO, Human Rights Foundation (HRF), as the main funder of the terrorist gang taken apart on April 16 in Santa Cruz, while it was hatching the plan to assassinate President Evo Morales.

The HRF is a New York organization known for its interventionist activities and its links with the CIA, and whose Secretary General is the terrorist of Cuban origin, Armando Valladares.

Prosecutor Sosa, who is directing the investigations in this case, identified Achá, a.k.a. “Superman,” along with Alejandro Melgar, a.k.a. “El Lucas” as members and financiers of the plot.

From the United States, where he is presently, in statements to a La Paz television station, Achá rejected the claims against him but admitted that he had met “four or five times” with the leader of the murderous gang, the Hungarian-Bolivian Eduardo Rózsa-Flores.

Rózsa-Flores’s terrorist gang was taken apart two weeks ago in an operation mounted by the Bolivian police.  Three of the mercenaries, among them, the supposed leader of the group, Eduardo Rózsa-Flores, died in the shootout, while two others were arrested and are presently incarcerated in La Paz. Authorities later captured another two conspirators, both members of the fascist Union of Santa Cruz Youth, which provided weapons to the group.

Read Full: democraticunderground


Thor Halvorssen’s Human Rights Foundation (HRF) Linked to Terrorism in Bolivia [X]




check out Ken Silverstein’s recent piece on Thor Halvorssen:

“Meet Thor Halvorssen, Neon Scam Artist who Heads Bogus Human Rights Foundation”

-> shadowproof

Reproduced from TW-KoreanHistory


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